AlfieWalter: 'Fashion stylist For the Modern individual'

Private Consultation: I like to meet with all new prospective clients for a consultation. I want to make sure I effectively communicate the nature of the different services provided at AlfieWalter, so we may determine if - and how - AlfieWalter may assist you with your fashion needs.

Wardrobe Assessment: Otherwise referred to as a ‘closet edit’, the first step to building a modern wardrobe is assessing your closet, to spot where the opportunities for improvement are. Together, we will go through everything you wear - anything from work attire to weekend wear - and discuss what you don’t have, what you have too much of, and what will be the best strategy to suit your needs.

Shopping and Curation Services: After I’ve assessed your wardrobe, I will have a fundamental understanding of your needs, styling preferences, and lifestyle. I will devise the most effective strategy to address the opportunities diagnosed during the Wardrobe Assessment and then shop and curate the brands that will best embody and suit you.

Fashion Styling Services: I offer both in-store and in-home styling sessions, during which we go through the pieces I’ve selected. I make sure that I show you how to wear and style all the garments and create outfits with them for you, so you fully understand how to wear everything. Then, we jointly decide what pieces you’ll keep, which I’ll return, and what - if any - alterations will be needed.  

Concierge Services: After our styling session, our concierge services will coordinate any returns, shipping arrangements, and alteration drop-off and delivery services. We also provide leather restoration services, shoe repair services, and concierge gift shopping and wrapping services.

E-Style Guide Services: Throughout the fitting, I will take pictures of you in all the outfits to catalogue all your looks. I will then create a private E-Style Guide Album with these images, which will be conveniently accessible to you from your mobile device. After each subsequent fitting, I will update this album with your most recent looks. All my clients specially love this service, as it is perfect for those moments when you can’t decide what to wear.

Commercial Engagements: Alfie Walter has experience partnering with luxury brands, fashion designers and fortune 500 companies to foster broader brand awareness and connect these parties with a new wave of social media tastemakers and industry influencers.